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Let's Connect For A Healthier You

Because HEALTHY looks GOOD on YOU!

Come on in, the water is fine!!

I know why you're here and I am GLAD that you came! 

I love to connect with individuals who are seeking assistance in the various areas of "Adulting" that sometimes hinder and hold us a little too tightly!  

I work well in the areas of anxiety, depression, not feeling like yourself, sad sometimes, old issues, new issues, childhood stuff, adulting, unhealthy relationships, grief........all that and more!)




I am 

Tyjvanna T. Payne, BS, MA, MS, LPC, CGP, CCATP, NCC 

also known as 

"The Paynefully Truthful TheraSis® 

*The name proudly honors My Father & GrandFather*



I am committed to providing  therapy "wherever you are" so all sessions are virtual and can be held anywhere you have quiet, confidential access to the internet in your state (via phone, tablet, computer, etc.)! 

The convenience is DOPE!  You can be home, relaxed, comfortable and "in-therapy" at the same time!  

Tyjvanna the TheraSIS®


Clinical sessions are 45-55 minutes in duration.  

Cash Pay is $100/Session  

(increasing to $120 effective 1/1/2024


The frequency of sessions is discussed and agreed upon at the end of each session.


 If WE are not a "good fit" I will do all I can to connect you with a Therapist that is! 

I just want you to be HEALTHY even if I'm not the one to get you there!


If you choose to use your insurance 

PLEASE VERIFY YOUR BENEFITS prior to contacting me.  

You should know if I am in your network, if you have telehealth benefits and what your co-payment is.  

The sooner that is all done the sooner we can connect!


I am an independent contractor with MDLIVE, SPRING HEALTH, via ALMA and at AUTHENTIC COUNSELING AND COACHING, LLC.  

If you have access to or accounts with any of these platforms locate me through them for an ease of service & convenience!


Connect With Me 

Overcome the roadblocks that keep you from living your best life with mental health counseling from 

The PaynefullyTruthful TheraSIS®

Get to Know Me

“You can't HEAL it, if you don't FEEL it.” I enjoy helping others reach their best potential, recover from a fall or setback and change negative thoughts and behaviors that hinder forward progress. Seeking help is a huge step and you being here right now is MAJOR!  Now let's work together formulating and acting upon a plan towards continued growth and personal successes.


The PaynefullyTruthful TheraSis® utilizes a strength based approach. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is my premise and my therapeutic style is that of “Reality Therapy.” I have a strong desire to “simply help those who need it and seek it.”


“You can't pour from an empty cup” so let's take care of you. Self-Care is vital, essential and it isn't selfish!


Let's be CLEAR! I will absolutely "get you together" if that is what is called for as well! 

I adjust my eclectic delivery style to meet the individual need of each client I connect with.

"I meet you where you're at, to get you where you're going via the healthiest way possible"

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