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The PaynefullyTruthful TheraSis

Let's Connect For A Healthier You

Work with a counselor who prioritizes your mental health and values your growth.

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Make a Conscious Decision to Move Forward

Life is so full of so many unknowns that it’s easy to be weighed down by our worries. We tend to fall into negative habits and thought patterns, and that’s when we become stuck. However, this isn’t the way your life is meant to be. You should be nurturing yourself to prepare for the abundance and success that awaits you.

That’s where The PaynefullyTruthful TheraSis comes in. I’m Tyjvanna Payne, and I’m here to help you get to where you want to be through mental health counseling that focuses on helping you reach your potential and overcome the challenges that hold you back.

I offer face-to-face sessions to clients of all ages and demographics in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. However, I also offer virtual therapy to clients all over Texas. Explore my site to learn more about my services and send me an email to schedule a free 5-minute consultation. 

NOTE: Due to the ongoing global pandemic, in-person sessions have been suspended until further notice for both client and therapist safety. Please check back regularly for updates to this matter. Virtual and phone sessions are available at this time.

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Overcome the roadblocks that keep you from living your best life with mental health counseling from The PaynefullyTruthful TheraSis. 

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Get to Know Me

“You can't HEAL it, if you don't FEEL it.” I enjoy helping others reach their best potential, recover from a fall or setback and change negative thoughts and behaviors that hinder forward progress. Seeking help is a huge step, let's work together formulating and acting upon a plan towards continued growth and personal successes.

The PaynefullyTruthful TheraSis utilizes a strength based approach. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is my premise and my therapeutic style is that of “Reality Therapy.” I have a strong desire to “simply help those who need it and seek it.”

“You can't pour from an empty cup” so let's take care of you. Self care is vital and essential. Please seek out assistance from someone who can relate and someone who employs empathy, care and concern in your matter. I take pride in meeting people where they are in an effort to help them get where they desire to go, be and remain.

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